Twin Fin Composites invented the ALMMC Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Air Cooled Brake and is the world leader in Composite Brake Technology. For over 25 years, Twin Fin has been supplying the MMC Composite Brake to those customers who understand the tremendous advantages Metal Matrix Composites have to offer. Our Brakes and Clutches have been used in the most demanding applications.  In the past, Cast Iron was the material of choice when it came to brake rotor material.  Unfortunately it has serious disadvantages in the areas of heat dissipation, inertia and weight.  Twin Fin Metal Matrix is 1/3 the weight of cast iron and dissipates 3-5 times the heat! This translates into higher running speeds, increased rotor and pad life and lower operating costs. When you use the TWIN FIN Composite Brake, you will find yourself replacing all of your cast iron brakes.

We manufactured the first Metal Matrix brakes in 1988. Since then we have enjoyed a diverse range of application such as: Winch Drums, Bullet Trains, Race Cars, Domestic Cars (Prowler & Lotus Elise), Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Military Vehicles, Aircraft, Electric Cars and miscellaneous applications where light weight and inertia are critical.  To see some of the applications click here.
We are so confident in the performance and quality of our brakes that we offer a 10 year warrantee on our TWIN FIN COMPOSITE CONVERTING BRAKES.

Our brakes and components are completely interchangeable with 
The Montalvo™ Brakes

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